A-1 Combat Journal
Appendix 1

Skyraider Video Clips

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  MPEG (135k)   An A-1 banks right to begin his roll-in.
  MPEG (95k)   20 mm Strafe -slow down the video to see the guns actually retract in and out as the rounds are fired. Strafe was used on nearly all passes as a prelude to bomb drops. Was supposed to have kept heads down!
  MPEG (155k)    Lau-3 Rockets2.75" Rx - from the right seat of a Fat Face. Notice that the frangible LAU-3 nose cone visible in the strafe video is gone. The first pair of rockets removed it.
  MPEG (140k)   A Spad fires rockets as viewed from another aircraft.
  MPEG (283k)  An interesting clip that shows HH-53 Super Jolly Green Giant in a hover while a Sandy drops CBU-22 in the background. Karst hills of Laos in the background.

 MPEG (472k)
 View out the right window of an A-1E as a MK-82 500 lb. bomb is released. Clip continues top show MK-82 exploding on target.

 MPEG (375k) 
 View out the right side of a SUU-11 minigun pod as rounds are fired. Clip continues to show tracer streams of miniguns from left and right sides of A-1.

  MPEG (341k)
 Footage taken of the flightline fire at Bien Hoa on 16 May 1965 as A-1s are shown near the flames. Second group of A-1s are running.
  MPEG (351k)   A pair of A-1Hs pass beside the Jolly in close formation.
   MPEG (853k)  Five Skyraiders trailing smoke make a pass down the runway at NKP
  MPEG (620k)   An A-1E taxis by.

 MPEG (1,359k)
 Full start sequence for an A-1E. Standard procedure was for the pilot to count 16 blades before turning ignition to "both" and depressing primer button.

The following clips are from the "Planes of Fame"
A-1 Skyraider segment from Speedvision

(Used with permission of Speedvision and WingSpan Productions)

 MPEG (272k)
 The view of a carrier deck from the right seat of a Spad on short final to the carrier.

 MPEG (992k)
 An Air Force Skyraider folds its wings as it taxis in after a mission.

 MPEG (366k)
 A gray painted Skyraider from the 602 ACS at Bien Hoa in '64-'65 timeframe.

 MPEG (396k)
A Skyraider pilot and crew chief climb aboard an A-1E.

 MPEG (655k)
 The crew chief assists the pilot to strap in.

 MPEG (239k)
 An A-1 H/J cat shot.

  MPEG (331k)
 An A-1H/J trap.

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