A-1 Combat Journal
Appendix 2

Skyraider Ordnance Images

The temptation to claim that the yellow streaks on the left of the photo are a withering hail of intense AAA overwhelms me, but alas, they are the rocket motor exhaust from preceding rockets. Note the difference in fin deployment between the two rockets which are but milliseconds (nanoseconds?) out of the launcher. I shot this photo from the right seat of a fat face, no-sticker (A-1E-5). Not a favorite of A-1 drivers riding in the right seat since there were no flight controls in the right seat of the A-1E-5. When I look at this photo now, I wonder how my priorities got so screwed up since this was a combat mission and I was shooting photos out the window. Like going to Yellowstone!!

A rather unconventional view of the standard Sandy load used until April, 1972.

Sandy load inventory

The small store with the blunt yellow nose is a Madden Kit. The kit was filled with survival gear such as radios, spare batteries, food, water, and perhaps maps. It was then dropped near the survivor so it could be retrieved for his use.
(Photo from the collection of Jerry Carrigan)
[Used with permission]

A not so typical ordnance load on an A-1.
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A more typical ordnance load on an A-1.
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