Skyraider Images

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All photographs taken by Byron Hukee unless otherwise noted.
Or at least with his camera!

Sensuous Slayer
The Sensuous Slayer awaits.

The author in A-1H 134-472 with a Sandy load and scarf deployed.
(photographer Capt. Lance Shotwell)

Daisy Cutter
1Lt. Tex Brown enroute to the target with Daisy Cutters in A-1E 133-865.

A-1J 028 Zuni
A-1J 142-028 on Sandy alert.
(No, that's not oil on the ramp. A rain shower had just passed over Bien Hoa)

4 x CBU-25, 2 x CBU-22, 2 x LAU-10 (w/ZUNI VT heads), 2 x LAU-68 (w/ 17 lb. HE heads), 2 x LAU-68 (w/ WP heads), 4 x 20mm cannon, 1 SUU-25 flare pod (for self protection)

Proud American
A-1H 139-738, one of three versions of "The Proud American" on takeoff roll.

1Lt. Tim Brady with scarf deployed.

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